I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die among my friends.

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c a r o l i n e in every episode |THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD,1.16

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This isn’t freedom. This is fear.

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You shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am Titanium.

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Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.

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"Magic isn’t for everyone."

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"All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.

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we’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy

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Did you say Hale?

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We are animals, all of us. The only difference between humans and anything else is the persona, the mask behind which we hide all desires and everything that scares us about ourselves. 

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That’s why the women are the leaders in our family.

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